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Raku Weekend Courses
Raku Summer Workshops 2017

Raku Workshop 4 (2 spaces)
Sunday 24th Sept (10am to 3.30pm) and
Sunday 1st Oct (10.00am to 6.00pm)

Cost - £160 per person

The raku workshop are over two weekends. The first day, is the making day, producing handbuilt and thrown pottery ( between 10.00am - 3.30 pm.) Then the following weekend is an exciting day, the firing day when everyone fires their own pots using this ancient Japanese technique.

The process involves glazing the pots with a special glaze, then placing them into a gas kiln, and bringing the temperature up to 1000 degrees rapidly. When the pot reaches this temperature and the glaze has melted, the pot is then taken red hot out of the kiln, placed in a bed of sawdust and covered. It's in the sawdust that the magic happens - the sawdust causes the glaze to crackle and the unglazed areas to blacken. This glaze effect can also produce some stunning metallic surfaces, especially with the copper glaze. The whole process is immediate and is an exciting way to fire pots.

The second weekend day starts at 10.00am. We’ll start by glazing some of the pots and the first firing takes place around 10.45am. Each firing takes about one and half hours. We usually have 2-3 firing over the day and the usually the finishes at 6.00pm but can over run a little.

Tea and Coffee is on demand and on the second Raku Sunday is a shared lunch with everyone bringing a dish Bring a packed lunch for the frist making session.

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